Tour de Sagan: guest post!

Today’s post comes courtesy of my future podcast partner (hint, hint), three-wheelin’ mischief maker and enigma to all who know him (at least to all those who know him that I know). Introducing, Sam I am… Peter Sagan.

Why is there a man taking his pants off in my house? Seriously, he doesn’t even have the decency to pick up after himself. He’s clearly been riding around town doing wheelies and god knows what else… probably showing everyone his confidence. I don’t need to see that!

When I’m laying on my bed, in the privacy of my own home, eating fist-fulls of goldfish crackers and watching the Tour, I’d like to know that a sweaty, homeless Slovakian man won’t just stroll into my house, get neked and hydrate himself with a bottle of delicious OSMO HYDRATION FOR MEN! (Now comes in raspberry twist and bubblegum crash, get yours today!)

There you have it… Sam I am, Everyone!

He supports Sagan too… I think.

We’ll have to find out in the podcast. Stay tuned for info.

I support Sagan.