Tour de Sagan: a story

Since yesterday was a rest day and we all had a chance to regroup, SLEEP, get caught up on emails, bills, (non-cycling) reading and such, today’s Tour de Sagan post is a little longer, and not so Sagan-centric. But it captures well the spirit of Peter, so I’m including it in this series.

A friend of mine shared THIS with me and it’s my most favorite thing that has come out of the TdF stage 4 mess so far (other than everyone being okay in the long run). It’s a story, fiction, based on real events.

The story characters from L to R: Alexander Kristoff, Nacer Bouhanni (you can see his right arm and leg), Andre Greipel, Peter Sagan, Arnaud Demaure. photo from

For those not familiar with the current stars of cycling, here is a list of the characters with my (somewhat editorialized) descriptions to help you follow along:

Andre Greipel – A German sprinter, methodical, with a solid leadout team. He wins a lot. This is his 7th TdF so he’s been around the Champs Elysees a few times. 🙂

Jurgen Roelandts – Leadout man for Andre, which means he is pulling as much as he can as long as he can so Andre can launch from his slipstream at just the right time to hopefully win the stage.

Mark Cavendish – With 30 TdF stage wins so far, the Manx Missile has been a main player in the sprints since 2008, dominating many of those years. He usually has a really strong leadout, but he’s also skilled at freelancing off other fast guys’ wheels, which is what he attempted to do in the stage 4 sprint when he followed Demaure along the rails.

Arnaud Demaure – Young and hungry, France finally has a sprinter who can compete with the big boys and they are excited about it!

Peter Sagan – He’s just happy to be alive in this movie called His Life. I think he’s “Eckart Tolle on Two Wheels,” and he might have a thing for Haribo Gummi Bears.

Nacer Bouhanni – Another French sprinter, he has lots of ambition, not a lot of big wins. He uses sketchy tactics and doesn’t seem to be highly regarded by the other sprinters. He has a boxing background and lost a big sprint to Demaure recently, hence the heavybag comment. Apparently he likes to slam his handlebars? Maybe because he loses a lot.

Alexander Kristoff – A strong Norwegian classics rider and sprinter, he’s a solid staple on the sprint lineup but he mostly gets his sprint wins when the big guns aren’t there.

John Degenkold – Another Frenchman. He’s a talented classics rider and sprinter. In the stage 4 sprint, he tried to bunny-hop Cavendish on the ground and ended up going over his handlebars. Remarkably, he finished the stage and went on to place 5th in Stage 7!

Ben Swift – A British cyclist on the track and road. Along with Degenkolb, he got caught out by Cavendish in the crash and pretty much bounced off the asphalt.

Okay, there’s your cast of characters.

Here’s the story.

I’d love to hear what you think!





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